Industrial Water Softener Sizing Calculator for Industrial Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment and Boiler Feed Softening

The Industrial Water Solutions IWS industrial water softener systems reduce hardness leakage (< 1 ppm), save up to 40% of salt costs and offer failsafe 100% redundancy protecting your industrial reverse osmosis membranes. The following calculator can be used to design and size your industrial softener system for reverse osmosis pretreatment. This is the best option for your boiler feed water softener and other processes that are sensitive to water hardness.

Average Gallons Per Day (GPD) Flow Rate:
Peak Continuous Flow Rate GPM*:
Desired Hours Between Regenerations:
Hardness of Water (Grains Per Gallon):
Capacity per Cubic foot of Resin (Grains):
Total Gallons of Water Used Between Regenerations:
Cubic Feet of Water Softener Resin Needed Per Tank:
Inch Valves (estimate):

This ultra-low hardness leakage industrial water softener utilizes a double pass, worker/polisher design. This is ideal for reverse osmosis pretreatment and boiler feed water softening. There are many variables beyond the scope of the IWS failsafe industrial water softener calculator such as incoming water quality, and temperature, that also have effects on water softener sizing and are not considered here.

Calculate industrial water softener operating and salt costs.

The above ultra-low hardness leakage indusial softener calculator is only for quick estimates. To receive more detail on our low hardness industrial softener, including multiple configurations (twin, triple, quad softeners), pretreatment for reverse osmosis, boiler feed water softening, deionization or directly to your process, please email or call us at 800-820-9021.

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