Hotel Water Softener Sizing Calculator

How do you size a hotel water softener? The following can be used as a rough guide for hotel water softener sizing. For general water softener sizing, see the industrial water softener sizing calculator instead. You will also find our industrial water technical articles helpful, along with our industrial water softener page.

Hotel Water Softener Sizing Guide

Number of Rooms:
Peak Continuous Flow Rate GPM*:
Daily Laundry Use (GPD):
Daily Kitchen Water Use (GPD):
Daily Boiler Makeup if Applicable (GPD):
Hardness of Water (Grains Per Gallon):
Capacity per Cubic foot of Resin (Grains):
Total Gallons of Water Used Between Regenerations:
Cubic Feet of Water Softener Resin Needed Per Tank:
Inch Valves (estimate):

There are many variables in sizing industrial hotel water softeners beyond the scope below. Water pressure, temperature, flow rate and cubic feet of resin per tank also affect water softener sizing, so these guides are to be used for quick estimates only.

For detailed industrial water softener sizing including configurations, control types or pretreatment for reverse osmosis, deionization, etc., please email or call Industrial Water Solutions at 800-820-9021. We are happy to help, and our experience will save you countless hours.

Calculate hotel water softener operating and salt costs.

Industrial Water Solutions also offers hotel water softener preventative maintenance, engineering consultation, equipment leasing, financing, and build, own, operate options. Let us know if you would like information on how these services can help you reduce downtime and capital risks.

* Peak Continuous GPM is not instantaneous peak flow rate. It represents a continuous high flow rate at peak times of the day (e.g. for 30 minutes or more).

** Instantaneous peak flow rate is the maximum GPM for a short time (e.g. 1-5 minute period).

Most failures in water softener sizing occur when softeners are sized too big as opposed to too small. The guide below shows the minimum continuous flow necessary to prevent water softener channeling.

Looking for parts? We carry parts for water softeners from Culligan, Marlo, Bruner, Lakeside and Siemans and more.

Do you need industrial water softener repair or preventative maintenance? Industrial Water Solutions also offers PMT, engineering consultation, and repair for industrial water softeners. We service and sell industrial water softeners throughout the U.S. including Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois.

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