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Fiberglass Commercial Water Softeners

Industrial Water Solutions commercial water softeners are the result of over 90 years of experience in the design and manufacture of quality water treatment equipment that meets the exacting demands of commercial water users. Industrial Water Solutions commercial water systems feature greater efficiency, patented engineering innovations, more capacity, higher flow rates, higher system reliability, and lower operating costs. If safety is a concern, consider our industrial water softeners that are suitable for a wide range of commercial softener applications. Individual tank capacity ranges from 15,000 grain to 1,200,000 grain with continuous flow rates of 1-215 GPM. Tank diameters up to 42″ and service pipe connections up to 3″ NPT are available. Single tank, multi-tank parallel, twin alternating, and triple alternating systems are available with a wide variety of timer and water meter controllers.

Typical Commercial Water Softener Applications

Hospitals, medical buildings (MOB), surgery centers, labs, laundries, hotels, correctional facilities, schools, car washes, nursing homes, food industry plants, apartments and condominiums, motels, resorts, institutional facilities, office complexes, cooling towers, farms…each could benefit from the installation of a commercial water softener. The systems quickly begins paying for themselves through extended water appliance life, reduced energy consumption, and lower plumbing repairs. Boilers and water heaters will last longer; expensive special chemicals for boilers and steam handling equipment can be greatly reduced; the service life of clothing, linens, fixtures, and appliances will be greatly extended; and process water will be more consistent and efficient.

Commercial Water Softening Process Theory

The Industrial Water Solutions commercial water softeners utilize top-mounted Fleck or Clack valves with pistons, which feature a co-current regeneration sequence based upon elementary principles of iron exchange. Strong acid cation resin in the sodium (Na +1) form is placed into service. During the sodium cation exchange water softening process, sodium ions are exchanged for undesirable quantities of calcium (Ca +2), magnesium (Mg +2), and iron (Fe +2). Sodium ions already present in the water being softened pass through the process unchanged. Upon exhaustion of the resin (as indicated by unacceptable hardness leakage), a regeneration sequence involving sodium chloride (NaCl) is utilized. The generation sequence reverses the above process and converts the strong acid cation resin back to the sodium form for the subsequent water softening cycle. Capacities range from 20,000 to 30,000 grains per cubic foot depending upon the total dissolved solids content of the water, the effluent water quality desired, and the amount of sodium chloride regenerant used. It should be noted that although the water is softened, the total dissolved solids content remains unchanged. Further, the effluent contains the same amount of anions as the raw water. The equipment is co-currently operated (down-flow exhausted; down-flow regenerated). All models have five distinct cycles of operation:

  • Service – softening process; down-flow
  • Backwash – hydraulic cleaning; up-flow
  • Brine inject – restores resin to sodium form; down-flow
  • Slow rinse – displaces residual brine; down-flow
  • Fast flush – prepares softening resin for service cycle; down-flow.

Commercial Water Softener Service

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