Water Softener Salt Savings Calculators for Industrial Water Softener Systems

How much water softener salt savings can you have? The following salt savings calculations can be used as rough guides for commercial and industrial water softeners. There are many variables in sizing water softeners beyond the scope of the water softener calculators below. Water pressure, temperature, flow rate and cubic feet of resin per tank are all variables that also have effects and are not considered here. These guides are to be used for quick estimates only. For detailed information including configurations (e.g. single, twin parallel, twin alternating, triples, quad softeners), control types (timeclock, metered, PLC, progressive flow, additive flow) or pretreatment for reverse osmosis, deionization or other ultra high purity water treatment equipment, please email or call Industrial Water Solutions.

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Industrial Water Softener Salt Saving Calculator with Brine Reclaim and Bulk Storage Tank

Enter amount of water softener salt used annually (tons):
Enter the cost of salt, per ton, including delivery:
Savings for using Bulk Salt instead of bag salt: $
Savings of Recycled Brine Assuming Bulk Salt: $
Total Annual Savings Assuming Brine Reclaim with Bulk Salt Tank: $

Industrial Water Softener Brine Savings Calculator with Brine Reclaim Only

Enter amount of water softener salt used annually (tons):
Enter the cost of salt, per ton, including delivery:
Savings of Recycled Brine Assuming Bulk Salt:

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Calculate other industrial water softener operating and salt costs.

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