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Tel: 800-820-9021
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Industrial Water Solutions is proud to carry ELGA’s CENTRA line of pure water systems in Indiana, the Midwest, and nationally. Planning equipment and space needs for critical services, such as high-purity water and gases is a fundamental element in designing or upgrading a laboratory. 50 years of innovation experience ELGA applies its expertise to design CENTRA — 50 years of water purification technologies innovation. A single unit, CENTRA is a complete water purification, storage and distribution system. The CENTRA design overcomes raditional central water purification systems limitations and delivers consistent water purity, flexibility and economy. ELGA’s CENTRA offers two families:

  • The Centralized Distribution Systems – distribute pre-purified water
  • The Centralized Purification and Distribution Systems – first purifies and then distributes the purified water

A central processor controls all built-in purification technologies with audio-visual alarm warnings, an internal leak detection alarm, and connection to building management systems.

If you are looking for lab cartridges, filters and lamps, such as LC141 ELGA deionization lab cartridges, LC174 ELGA Medpure deionization cartridges, LC140 ELGA pretreatment cartridges, LC136M2 ELGA composite vent filter, or the LC105 ELGA ultraviolet lamp, visit The Industrial Water Solutions Store.

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