Boiler Pre-Treatment & Power Generation Twin Bed Deionizer (DI) Sizing Calculator & Guide

Size a boiler pre-treatment, boiler feed, and power generation twin bed deionizer using the calculator below. (If you need information about your water to complete the calculator, note that we offer free basic water testing to qualified engineers and industrial, commercial, and healthcare organizations.) To determine the industrial deionized water system price, request a free follow-up when you submit the form.

TDS (ppm mg/L CaCO3):
Estimated Conductivity (μS):
Flow Rate (GPD)*:
Flow Rate (GPM):
Hours in between regenerations:
Capacity (KGR):

Boiler Pre-Treatment & Power Generation Twin Bed Deionizer (DI) Sizing Calculator

The calculator above can be used as a guide for boiler pre-treatment and power generation industrial twin bed deionizer (DI) sizing. Twin bed demineralizer systems are a great fit for boiler feed water treatment, power generation and any application with need for TDS and alkalinity reduction where the water isn’t ideal for reverse osmosis systems (e.g. low TDS or small particle TSS). Carbon, stainless steel and FRP Deionizer systems are also well suited for food and pharmaceutical, oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, pharma, water for injection (WFI), and many other ultra-pure water (UPW) applications. Carbon filters, reverse osmosis, softeners, electrodeionization (EDI) systems, ultrapure water storage tanks, oxygen removal and carbon dioxide removal systems are often also used prior to the deaerator (DA) and boiler for optimal performance and efficiency. Other calculators for specialized industrial water separate bed demineralizer systems are here:

Several variables exist when sizing industrial deionizer systems for power generation and critical boiler applications that are beyond the scope of the calculator & guide below. Examples for an industrial DI water system include pressure, temperature, water chemistry, and available foot print – these are all variables that have effects on DI sizing and design and are not considered. Our calculations are to be used for quick estimates for sizing, footprints & general design of twin-bed demineralizer (industrial water deionizer system).

For detailed separate bed DI sizing including configurations (e.g. single, twin parallel or multiple tank configurations), control types (Allen Bradley, Siemens, GE PLC, progressive flow, additive flow) or specific specifications like (316, 316L, 304) stainless steel, Hastelloy or specific valve types & instruments, it is important that you email or call Industrial Water Solutions at 800-820-9021. Our sales engineers are degreed mechanical engineers, experts in water processes and water treatment for boilers and power generation. Contact us and we’ll find the perfect system for all of your most critical boiler and power generation water treatment needs.

Industrial Water Solutions also offers preventative maintenance, engineering consultation, equipment leasing, financing, and build, own, operate options. Let us know if you would like information on how these services can help you reduce downtime and capital risks.

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