Heavy Industrial Water Softener System

Heavy Industrial Grade Water Softener SystemDo you have demanding industrial water hardness requirements? Our heavy industrial water softener series is designed for large, heavy industrial water softener applications.

Individual tank capacity ranges from 1,200,000 grains to 5,400,000 grains with continuous flow rates of 100-1,150 GPM per tank. Tank diameters from 48″ to 96″ and service pipe connections from 3″ NPT to 8″ flange are available. Single tank, multi-tank parallel, twin alternating, triple alternating and quad industrial softener systems are available with a wide variety of timer and water meter controllers. Contact us information on larger tank sizes and custom sized industrial water softener  applications.

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What does it cost to operate an industrial water softener? Calculate your industrial water softener operating and salt costs with our free online calculator.

Note: If you need effective, high-end water softening with low hardness leakage, then see our patent-pending IWS water softener for boiler feed water, power generation, and critical systems. Also see our other cost-saving water treatment systems for boilers and power generation equipment.

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