IWS Industrial Water Softener Sizing Calculator and Guide

Is hardness leakage a concern in your process? The IWS ultra-duty industrial water softener systems reduce the likelihood of hardness leakage, save money on salt and provide higher efficiency. The IWS ultra-duty water softener system also provides 100% redundancy in the worker/polisher design. This is important when considering a boiler feed water softener or any industrial water softener for systems that require the softest possible water.

The following calculations can be used as rough guides for our patent pending IWS ultra-duty industrial softener system.

Average Gallons Per Day (GPD) Flow Rate:
Peak Continuous Flow Rate GPM*:
Desired Hours Between Regenerations:
Hardness of Water (Grains Per Gallon):
Capacity per Cubic foot of Resin (Grains):
Total Gallons of Water Used Between Regenerations:
Cubic Feet of Water Softener Resin Needed Per Tank:
Inch Valves (estimate):

This industrial water softener reduces hazards associated with hardness leakage by utilizing a double pass, worker/polisher design. There are many variables beyond the scope of the IWS ultra-duty industrial water softener calculator such as incoming water quality, changing flow rates and temperature, that also have effects on water softener sizing and are not considered here. To size one of these systems, input the total flow, hardness and peak flow. These guides are to be used for quick estimates only.

To receive a more detailed IWS ultra-duty industrial water softener sizing including configurations (e.g. twin, triple, quad softeners) or pretreatment for reverse osmosis, deionization or other ultra high purity water treatment equipment, please email or call us at 800-820-9021. Our technical team members are the same people you get in the field when there is an issue or when you call our technical support. Contact us now, and we’ll find the perfect system help you keep hardness out of your building.

We also offer preventative maintenance, engineering consultation, equipment leasing, financing, and build, own, operate options. Let us know if you would like information on how these services can help you reduce downtime and capital risks.

* Peak Continuous GPM is not instantaneous peak flow rate. It represents a continuous high flow rate at peak times of the day (e.g. for 30 minutes or more).
** Instantaneous peak flow rate is the maximum GPM for a short time (e.g. 1-5 minute period).

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