Industrial Reverse Osmosis Sizing Guide & Calculator

How do you size an industrial reverse osmosis system? The following Industrial Reverse Osmosis (RO) water sizing calculations can be used as a rough guide for industrial water reverse osmosis systems.

To view other industrial calculators such as industrial water softeners and iron, carbon, and ML filters, see the industrial and high purity water guides and calculators page. To see more detail on industrial and high purity reverse osmosis systems, go to the reverse osmosis page here. Other calculators for specialized industrial reverse osmosis stainless steel systems are here:

If you need information about your water to complete the calculators above, note that we offer free basic water testing to qualified engineers and industrial, commercial, and healthcare organizations.

General Industrial Reverse Osmosis Sizing Calculator

Reverse osmosis desired gallons/day (gpd):
Reverse osmosis water forwarding pump size (gpm):

There are multiple variables in sizing ultrapure & industrial reverse osmosis systems that are beyond the scope of the RO calculator below. Examples include water pressure, temperature, flow rate, and available foot print. Therefore, these industrial RO guides should only be used for quick estimates. For more details on sizing, pricing, leasing, or financing, please contact our technical support team at or 800-820-9021.

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