Calculators for Total Hardness, Water Softener Sizing, Salt Savings, Boiler Savings

Save Money, Reduce Water, Salt and Energy Consumption. Industrial Water Solutions has decades of expertise in cutting operating costs by reducing customer water, salt and energy consumption.  Our sales engineers can come out to your site to do a FREE analysis of your current water and energy consuming operations.  We analyze your processes, water, boiler, and cooling tower needs. We can then optimize your current systems or implement a new solution specifically to fit your needs. See how much you money, water, salt and energy you can save NOW on your boiler or cooling tower by calling a Industrial Water Solutions sales engineer at 800-820-9021.

You can find a rough estimation of how much money, energy, salt and water you can save with Industrial Water Solutions’s online Industrial Water Boiler Savings Calculator, or Commercial and Industrial Salt Savings Calculator, Water Softener Sizing Calculator, or Total Water Hardness Calculator below.

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