Ultrapure Waultrapure-water-loop-sanitation-1ter Loop Sanitization

It is vitally important to sanitize ultrapure water loops. Chlorine, ozone or peracetic acid can be used to achieve this water loop sanitization. Heat sanitization can also be highly effective but typically requires 304 or better stainless steel piping.

Both heat sanitization and ozone are approved FDA 510 methods for dialysis water loops. Your piping design will affect which method is the best to destroy bacteria and eliminate endotoxins.

Ultrapure water loop system sanitization is also critical for manufacturing and medical water distribution systems to reduce risk of bacterial growth. Microbial growth (biofilm) will accumulate if the ultrapure water loop is not sanitized.

Why is ultrapure water loop sanitization a particular issue? Because bacteria will attach themselves to pipes in ultrapure water systems as the water doesn’t contain any oxidants to kill bacteria.  Biofilm forms in water systems when this happens. Bacterial colonies grow and add other microbes to the biofilm. As more is added, a coating forms inside the system, contaminating the ultrapure water.

It should be noted that ultrapure water pipe sanitization is especially important when new plumbing is installed in buildings or after repairs are made to the system.

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