Water Testing and Analysis for Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

What should you test for in industrial reverse osmosis (RO) systems? See the list of cations and anions below that should be analyzed and measured when conducting RO water testing.

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  • Ammonium: NH4+
  • Calcium: Ca2+
  • Magnesium: Mg2+
  • Barium: Ba2+
  • Strontium: Sr2+
  • Sodium: Na+
  • Potassium: K+
  • Ferrous Iron: Fe2+
  • Ferric Iron: Fe3+
  • Aluminum: Al3+
  • Manganese: Mn2+
  • Imidogen: NH3/NH4 – N


  • Bicarbonate: HCO3– Alk (CaCO3)
  • Carbonate: CO32– Alk(CaCO3)
  • Total Alk (CaCO3)
  • Carbon Dioxide: CO2
  • Phosphate: Ortho-PO43-
  • Sulfate: SO42-
  • Nitrate: NO3
  • Fluoride: F
  • Chlorine: Cl
  • Bromine: Br
  • Silica: SiO2
  • Sulfur Trioxide: NO3-N
  • Sulfur Dioxide: NO2-N
  • Sulfides (as S2-)
  • Boron: B
  • Arsenic: AS (III)
  • Arsenic: AS (V)

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