BIOPURE Water Minimizes the Contamination Risk to Patients

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Industrial Water Solutions is proud to carry ELGA’s BIOPURE line of water purification systems in Indiana, the Midwest, and nationally. Cleaning and sterilizing reusable medical equipment is becoming increasingly regulated by industry guidelines and international standards. Concern continues to grow over infection control in hospitals and the spread of hepatitis, CJD, MRSA and resistant pathogens. In addition to protecting patients and staff by preventing pathogen cross-contamination, the equipment itself must also be protected from damage by the sterilization or disinfection process. 50 years of innovation experience With this in mind we applied our expertise gained from 50 years of innovation in water purification technologies, to design our unrivalled BIOPURE range. Our reliable water purification systems employ the latest technologies to ensure a broad removal of impurities, continual bacterial destruction and endotoxin removal. A compact design with an in-built wrap-around reservoir ensures a minimal amount of precious hospital or surgery space is occupied. Our BIOPURE range is easy and cost-effective to operate and a self-disinfection program contributes towards straightforward maintenance. Peace of mind is provided by a unique E-key, which restricts access to the most critical functions.

BIOPURE water minimizes the contamination risk to patients

ELGA’s BIOPURE range purifies tap water to the water purity essential to meet the demands of the latest medical standards: EN15883, HTM2030/2031, NHS MESc32, MDA/HIS, ISO 15883 Part 4, EN285 Water quality is maintained by:

  • Regularly sanitizing and validating rinse water systems to ensure they continue to meet the water specification
  • Routinely taking water samples to demonstrate compliance

These water quality guidelines and standards serve to minimize the risk of cross infection to patients from a range of infectious pathogens.

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