Compliant, High Volume Water for Multiple Washer Disinfectors and Endoscope Reprocessors

The BIOPURE 200/300/600 reduces the contamination risk to patients by feeding high purity water at the point of use to large automated washer disinfectors and endoscope reprocessors. The quality of the purified water is maintained through the use of in-line UV sterilization, ion exchange and molecular ultrafiltration.


  • Delivers up to 30 liters per minute of compliant water
  • Meets the latest medical standards (EN15883, HTM2030/2031, NHS MESc52, MDA/HIS, ISO 15883 part 4, EN285)
  • Guaranteed bacterial specification of
  • Easy to use monthly disinfection program.
  • Compact size due to its integrated 350 liter reservoir
  • Full service and validation support

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