Membrane Deaerators for Ultrapure Boiler Feed Water and Corrosion Control

Membrana-Liqui-Cel-Oxygen-Removal-O2-System-for-Boilers-and-Power-GenerationIn boiler feed & power plant applications, corrosion increases operating and maintenance costs substantially. Boilers’ piping and all surfaces and equipment that come in contact with the water are susceptible to corrosion if too much oxygen (O2) or carbon dioxide (CO2) is present.  With our chemical free and environmentally friendly water degasification process, we can remove 99.99% of all gases before the boiler.


Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactor Systems are a very cost effective and efficient method of deoxygenation for feed water for boiler make-up. Deaeration greatly extends boiler feedwater equipment and piping life by preventing corrosion of critical parts. Heat Storage & Recovery Generators (HRSG) for feed water is another area where deoxygenation of the feed water can and reduce the risk of failure due to corrosion and prevent costly maintenance.  Removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the water prior to a mixed bed deionization (DI) systems or the anion unit of a twin bed deionization (DI) system will increase capacity and result in huge savings.


Plants that are venting off large volumes of steam to remove dissolved O2 can also remove oxygen using Liqui-Cel Contactor systems prior to the deaerator. Reducing deaerator vent rate reduces fuel consumption. Tremendous cost savings can be generated for boiler steam plants.  Ultrapure water treatment equipment such as softeners, reverse osmosis, carbon filters, system (RO) and deionization (DI) systems, which are often used in conjunction with degasification systems can be found here.

Liqui-Cel® Membrane Systems are also the first choice for degasifcation of liquids in the following industries.

  • Heavy Industrial
  • Semiconductors
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Photographic
  • Food & beverage
  • Medical
  • Dairy
  • Ink
  • Microelectronics