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Industrial Twin (Separate) Bed Water Deionizer DI

Separate-bed high-purity ion exchange demineralizers (industrial water deionizer systems) are designed for industrial and ultra-high purity water applications and industrial water purification. SDI or Portable DI (deionization) Exchange Tank Systems are useful when you don’t want to handle chemicals or regenerations. Individual industrial DI water system tank capacity ranges from 100,000 grain to 3,440,000 grain with continuous flow rates of 5-900 GPM. Tank diameters from 16″ to 120″ and service pipe connections from 1″ NPT to 8″ flange are available. Single and twin alternating systems are available with a wide variety of hardware and instrumentation packages. Standard design assumes use of 30% hydrochloric acid and 50% sodium hydroxide chemical for resin regeneration.

Add a Liqui-Cel membrane contractor system to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) in front of the anion unit to greatly increase efficiency and reduce chemical costs.


  • Heavy-gauge carbon steel pressure vessels internally lined with a chemically resistant vinylester coating. All exterior surfaces are coated with a acid and caustic resistant “Safety Blue” paint finish. Non-ASME construction with 100 psig working pressure.
  • Flat-false bottom resin support with a hub-radial, non-clogging underdrain constructed of PVC for the ultimate in corrosion resistance.
  • High capacity, strong-acid cation exchange resin in hydrogen-form.
  • High capacity, Type 2 strong-base anion exchange resin in hydroxide-from (shipped in chloride form).
  • Sch 80 PVC face-piping assemblies with thermo-plastic, normally-open, “Y” pattern diaphragm control valves. Vessels with service piping 4″ and larger utilize Sch 80 PVC face-piping and double-acting butterfly control valves. All control valves are air-operated requiring a 80-100 psig of clean, plant air supply.
  • Cation and anion vessels are mounted on a structural carbon steel skid and pre-piped to the fullest extent for minimal floor space requirements and ease of installation.
  • Comprehensive Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) system pre-wired in a NEMA-4X electrical enclosure. Includes all operator switches, push-buttons, indicator/alarm lights, and heavy-duty solenoids for control valve actuation.
  • Panel-mounted system flow meter and DI water conductivity monitor with digital display.
  • Pre-assembled system pressure gauge and sampling valve center.

Optional Equipment

  • ASME constructed, stamped, and certified pressure vessels for varying working pressures.
  • Automatic low/no flow recirculation pump systems.
  • Automatic alternating systems for continuous service.
  • Sulfuric acid regenerated cation systems.
  • Pumped chemical regeneration systems.
  • Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) skids and pressure vessels (48″ diameter and under).
  • Rubber-lined pressure vessels.
  • Instrumentation additions include flow totalization, pH, and chemical percent meters.
  • Touch-screen operator interface terminals in lieu of lights and switches.
  • Forced-draft decarbonator towers for CO2 reduction prior to anion vessel.
  • Product water storage tanks and re-pressurization pump systems.
  • Waste chemical neutralization systems with automatic controls.
  • Multi-media, activated carbon, and reverse osmosis pre-treatment systems.
  • Mixed-bed deionization and UV sterilization post-treatment systems.

See our mixed bed condensate polisher unit information for related applications.

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