Avant UV Series for Ultrapure Water (UPW) Applications

Meet stringent TOC reduction with a small footprint, predictive diagnostics and significant OPEX savings with the state-of-the-art Aquafine Avant UV water treatment system. See all our industrial water UV systems.

Benefits of the Aquafine Avant UV water treatment system for ultrapure UV treatment:

  • Improved Performance: Up to three-times more flow compared to the prior series system to satisfy the stringent low level TOC requirement for high flow UPW plants.
  • Compact Footprint: Use of high-performance lamp and sleeve material reduces the footprint by up to 75%—lowering the installation costs and maintenance expenses.
  • User-friendly Operator Interface: Intuitive interface enables at-a-glance system status checks. Avant makes the job easier for engineers and plant operators.
  • Predictive Diagnostics: The advanced control features provide predictive maintenance alerts when the lamp approaches end of lamp life and shows unusual power consumption or operating pattern to help in preventing downtime.

Avant is an advanced UV system designed with decades of experience in TOC applications. There are two models offered for TOC reduction: Avant and Avant High Performance (HP). Avant High Performance utilizes a unique lamp and sleeve combination that helps to significantly improve the unit’s overall performance.

The Avant series is a highly advanced product line that provides robust and reliable TOC reduction in up to a three times smaller footprint than prior series. The Avant Series utilizes less energy and provides full flexibility for skid-mounted designs, with the ability to mount six reactors in up to 75% smaller footprint compared to our previous offering.

The Avant series has fewer UV units to maintain and significantly less lamps result in extremely low power consumption.

Avant’s advanced control features provide predictive maintenance alerts to help prevent unplanned maintenance costs and downtime. Monitoring lamp characteristics of individual lamps, the system alerts plant operators when the lamp approaches end of lamp life, and shows unusual power consumption or operating patterns.

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