Industrial Water Softener Sizing Calculator

Use this free calculator to determine the proper size of an industrial water softener. The general industrial water softener size calculator below is suitable for most applications but also see our full list of industrial water softener sizing calculators. These calculations can be used as rough guides to determine your application’s proper industrial water softener size.

To calculate the size of water softeners for healthcare facilities or hotels, use the specialized water softener size calculators below:

Also, see our industrial water technical articles which provide helpful information about industrial water softeners including tips and troubleshooting.

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General Use Water Softener: Calculate the Proper Size of Industrial Water Softeners with our Sizing Guide

Average Gallons Per Day (GPD) Flow Rate:
Peak Continuous Flow Rate GPM*:
Desired Hours Between Regenerations:
Hardness of Water (Grains Per Gallon):
Capacity per Cubic foot of Resin (Grains):
Total Gallons of Water Used Between Regenerations:
Cubic Feet of Water Softener Resin Needed Per Tank:
Inch Valves (estimate):

The data in these industrial water softener guides are to be used for quick estimates only of the size of your industrial water softener. There are many variables in sizing industrial water softeners beyond the scope of the water softener size calculator below. For example, water pressure, temperature, flow rate, and cubic feet of resin per tank are all variables that affect the proper industrial water softener size and are not considered here. Our technical team at Industrial Water Solutions is happy to answer your questions as you apply these principles to your specific industrial water softener application.

For detailed industrial water softener sizes and configurations (e.g. single, twin parallel, twin alternating, triples, quad softeners), control types (timeclock, metered, PLC, progressive flow, additive flow) or pretreatment for reverse osmosis, deionization or other ultra high purity water treatment equipment, it is important that you email or call Industrial Water Solutions at 800-820-9021. Our technical team has practical experience because they are the same people you get in the field when there is an issue or when you call for technical support. We can help you find the best industrial water softener system that will reduce your energy, water, and salt costs.

Calculate industrial water softener operating and salt costs.

Do you need industrial water softener repair or preventative maintenance? Industrial Water Solutions also offers PMT, engineering consultation, and repair for industrial water softeners. We service and sell industrial water softeners throughout the U.S. including Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois.

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* Peak Continuous GPM is not an instantaneous peak flow rate. It represents a continuous high flow rate at peak times of the day (e.g. for 30 minutes or more).

** Instantaneous peak flow rate is the maximum GPM for a short time (e.g. 1-5 minute period).

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