Valve Position Indicators for Industrial & Commercial Applications

Valve position indicators can contribute to industrial water process quality and safety. They provide a local position indication of a valve’s position with a visual indicator. Valve indicators that are electrically integrated can send signals to a control room or other process control system.



Pictured are options for AquaMatic valves. These valve position indicators are stainless steel rods connected directly to the main valve shaft. As the AquaMatic valve shaft moves up, the position indicator rod follows. When the valve is closed, the position indicator is flush with top of cap. These can be combined with other valve options as required by application.

Valve position indicators may also be referenced or implied by other terms such as valve indicators, limit switches, valve position transmitters, or beacons.

The valve position indicators can be added during new construction or as part of a retrofit or upgrade.

Contact our engineering team at Industrial Water Solutions for advice on the appropriate use of valve position indicators in your industrial or commercial water processes.