Industrial Water Filters – Carbon Filters, Iron Filters & Other Filters

Industrial water filters remove impurities from the water used in an industrial process. Without the industrial water filter, impurities could otherwise damage equipment or affect the quality of the process or final product.

Industrial Water Carbon and Iron Filters

Industrial Water Filters

Industrial water filters for industrial water purification come in a range of sizes and water filter media. Common industrial filters include industrial carbon filters and industrial iron filters.

Industrial filtration units have an auto-cleansing functionality as they automatically backwash and rinse on a periodic time clock basis. This serves to cleanse and reclassify the filter media.

Notably, sediment filters incur an increased pressure loss from the inlet to the outlet as filtered particles collect in the bed. As an option, these industrial water filters can be furnished to backwash and rinse on a preset pressure loss basis. Importantly, the M series of industrial filters (manganese greensand) require periodic regeneration in order to function properly, so an optional industrial filter regeneration system is available to facilitate that regeneration. For high total dissolved solids (TDS) and high turbidity (NTU), ultrafiltration (UF) systems should be used instead of industrial filters because they filter much smaller particles, down to 0.02 microns.

Industrial Water Filter Types

Industrial water filter system - triple 54 inch skid mounted

Industrial water filter system – triple 54 inch skid mounted

How To Size Industrial Water Filters

Industrial water filter system - fiberglass triple filter

Industrial water filter system – fiberglass triple filter

In addition to the service flow, the selection of an industrial filtration system must take into account the available backwash flow rate. This is the most important function in the proper operation of a filter. Periodically, the accumulated impurities (iron, sediment, etc.) must be removed (backwashed) from the industrial filter. Backwash flow rates are always much higher than service flow rates and therefore limit the size of the filter that can be installed. As a general rule in sizing industrial filters, select the largest filter that can be backwashed with the flow rate available at the point of filter installation, then note the service flow rate for the filter selected. If it is not adequate for the flow to be treated, a twin or triple filter installed in parallel is required. Alternatively, an ultrafiltration (UF) system can be used because they have much smaller backwash rates.

Use the free industrial iron water filter calculator from Industrial Water Solutions to calculate your industrial water purification needs. If you need information about your water, note that we offer free basic water testing to qualified engineers and industrial and healthcare organizations.

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