‘MID’ Industrial Multi-Media Water Filters

MID-Water-Filters‘MID’ Industrial Multi-Media or ‘ML ‘Multi-Layer Sediment Water Filters  – High efficiency, in-depth filter system using a layered bed of anthracite, silica sand, and two grades of garnet for excellent filtration down to 5-10 micron size. Multi-Media has the highest service flow rates available in a pressure type filter and suitable for final filtration of most city water and well water supplies. Not recommended as the primary filtration means for extremely high turbidity applications. For high turbidity and TSS (total suspended solids), ultra filtration UF systems are ideal and filter down to 0.02 micron.

How To Size Industrial Water Filters

In addition to service flow, the selection of a filter system must take into account the available backwash flow rate. This is the most important function in the proper operation of a filter for industrial water purification. Periodically, the accumulated impurities (iron, sediment, etc.) must be removed (backwashed) from the filter. Backwash flow rates are always much higher than service flow rates and therefore limit the size of filter that can be installed. If backwash rates are an issue, ultra filtration UF systems can be used as they have much lower backwash rates. As a general rule in sizing MID or ML filters, select the largest filter that can be backwashed with the flow rate available at the point of filter installation, then note the service flow rate for the filter selected. If it is not adequate for the flow to be treated, a twin or triple filter installed in parallel is required. A parallel installation will increase the service flow while permitting each filter to be backwashed separately with the existing water supply.

Industrial Water System Service and Industrial Water Purification Service

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