Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Oil and Gas Industry Water Guide & Calculator

How do you size seawater (salt water) reverse osmosis water systems for the Oil and Gas Industry? Sizing and designing a water system for desalinization is a problematic process. Many variables exist that are beyond the scope of the seawater reverse osmosis water guide & calculator below.

These calculations are for quick estimates for general sizing, design, and footprints of SWRO water systems. RO feed water chemistry, pressure, temperature and process feed flow rate are all variables that have effects on seawater reverse osmosis system sizing, which are not considered here. Other calculators for specialized, desalinization, ultrapure reverse osmosis systems can be found here:

SWROs also provide sustainable sources of fresh water for various applications, such as cooling tower make-up water, oil platform drinking water systems, wastewater discharge for regulatory compliance, microorganism control and feed water to stills. Industrial desalination is growing more prominent and is an essential component for reusing and repurposing saline water for critical processes.

Standard output capacities range from 5,000-300,000 GPD (3.5 GPM – 200 GPM) and systems are flexible for customization. Email or call Industrial Water Solutions at 800-820-9021 for detailed control types (Allen Bradley, GE, Siemens PLC, progressive flow, additive flow), SWRO sizing configurations (e.g. single, twin, triple or special multiple skid configurations), or specific specifications like (316L, 304, 316) stainless steel or specific valve & instrument types. Our sales engineering team consists of degreed mechanical engineers, experts in water treatment and processes for seawater reverse osmosis systems. We’ll find the perfect reverse osmosis system for all your most critical high purity water needs.

Industrial Water Solutions offers preventative maintenance, engineering consultation, and build, own, operate options. We also offer leasing and financing options. Let us know if you would like information on how these services can help you reduce capital risks and shutdown.

Reverse osmosis desired gallons/day (gpd):
Reverse osmosis water forwarding pump size (gpm):

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