Industrial Water Softeners

What are industrial water softeners? Industrial water softeners are higher-performance versions of regular water softeners. Like regular softeners, they decrease water hardness by eliminating minerals such as calcium and magnesium. However, industrial water softeners are built for more demanding requirements in flow rates, temperatures, and water quality. The primary benefits of industrial softeners can be lower costs, better water quality, and increased longevity of your downstream equipment.

Industrial Water SoftenersIndustrial Water Solutions offers the best-performing industrial water softeners that combine high-performance water softening with cost efficiency. Examples of industrial water softeners and commercial water softeners include:

  • Steel Industrial Water Softeners
  • FRP Fiberglass Water Softeners
  • Commercial Fleck and Clack Water Softener Systems
  • Condensate Polishers

Proper Sizing of Softeners is Critical for Performance and Cost Efficiency

For the best industrial water softening performance and cost efficiency, a softener must be properly sized. If an industrial water softener is undersized, it can result in hardness leakage which can damage your equipment. If an industrial water softener is oversized, it will waste salt and water, increasing your costs needlessly. That’s why Industrial Water Solutions offers free online industrial water softener size calculators for your industrial, commercial, hospital, hotel, or boiler application.

Do You Need an Industrial Water Softener?

Industrial and high-performance water softeners quickly pay for themselves through significant cost savings. These water softeners can:

  • Reduce your energy consumption
  • Extend your equipment life
  • Result in fewer plumbing repairs

The bottom line is that heavy-duty water softeners used in industrial, hospital, hotel, power, and manufacturing environments save money.

Here are specific examples of how an industrial water softener can help virtually every industry, from manufacturing to hotels to laboratories:

  • Water heaters and boilers will last longer
  • The need for costly special chemicals for boilers and steam handling equipment can be greatly reduced
  • The service life of equipment linens, clothing, and fixtures will be noticeably extended
  • Process water will be more consistent and efficient

Water softeners from Industrial Water Solutions are the result of nearly a century of experience in designing quality water treatment equipment. These industrial water softeners are specifically engineered to meet the exacting demands of industrial water users. Industrial Water Solution’s water softening approach feature unique innovations to provide greater water softener efficiency, more capacity, higher flow rates, higher system reliability, and lower operating costs when used in industrial and commercial applications. If you have high-quality water softening needs for boilers, power generation, or other sensitive equipment, our water softeners can be engineered to provide the highest possible performance. Contact our technical team to discuss your specific needs at 800-820-9021.

Repair Services for Industrial and Commercial Water Softeners

Reduce Water and Salt Usage

Industrial Water Softener Size Calculators

Industrial Water Softener Service

Do you need to replace your high-performance water softener? Or do you need to repair your industrial or commercial water softener? Contact us right now at or 800-820-9021 for rapid response service in Indiana, the Midwest, and throughout the U.S. We can help you identify the most cost-effective approach for all your industrial water systems including industrial and commercial water softeners. Our experienced technical team is ready to help.

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Contact us today for industrial water softener repair, service, and preventative maintenance & training (PMT) programs – as well as industrial water softener leasing or purchasing. We offer free basic water testing to qualified engineers and industrial and healthcare organizations.

Do you need to repair your water softener because your Bruner valve needs to be replaced or another part has failed? We also carry parts, valves and repair kits for water softeners from Culligan, Marlo, Bruner, Lakeside Siemans, and more in our industrial water softener parts store.

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