Repair Service to Fix Your Industrial Water Softener, DI, RO, Filter, Briner and More

Industrial Water Solutions Offers Rapid Repair Service for Industrial Water Systems

We stock many key parts to repair your industrial water softener, deionizer, reverse osmosis, brine tank, filter, and other industrial water equipment. We also have great relationships with manufacturers so we can quickly source parts we don’t have in stock.

That’s why Industrial Water Solutions is the go-to source for industrial water equipment repairs, service, and industrial water equipment preventative maintenance (PMT).


Fix or Repair Your Industrial Bruner / Culligan CSM Water Softeners

Industrial Water Solutions stocks all parts necessary to repair Bruner valves and brine ejectors. We also sell new 2″ and 3″ Bruner valves. Even if you are told you need to replace the entire system or make major upgrades, you might not need to do so. Our expertise can help you save money and time, so contact our technical team.

The Bruner valve has been a constant in the water softening and water filter industry for decades. Bruner was acquired by Culligan in the late 90s and the Bruner valve is still in production – and so are all the parts for 2- and 3-inch Bruner systems. Learn how you can save money by having the experts at Industrial Water Solutions repair your Burner or Culligan industrial or commercial water softener: Contact us right now at 800-820-9021 or