Clack Valve Industrial Water Softeners

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Tel: +1 800-820-9021

The Clack valve industrial water softener systems are engineered for higher flow rates and ease of use. The removable operator interface makes it easy to view valve diagnostics and make programming adjustments. The quick-connect valve mount, along with the 2” valve’s built in meter, make installation and service quick and easy. The corrosion resistant fiberglass reinforced polyethylene tanks are designed to provide many years of reliable service.

The multiple tank configurations and available options make the Clack valve industrial water softener systems a robust solution for boiler pretreatment, car washes or any application requiring mineral scale reduction.

Standard Features:

  • Corrosion resistant fiberglass tanks
  • Piston actuated, multiport, lead free brasscontrol valves
  • Meter initiated regeneration cycle
  • Brine tank assembly with safety overflow
  • Sodium form cation exchange resin
  • Hardwater bypass during regeneration
  • Water hardness testing kit

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