Industrial Water Softener Valve Repair Diagram for Aquamatic and Similar Valves

Do you need to replace or repair your industrial water softener valve? The interactive diagram below answers questions such as these:

  • What size valve do I need for an industrial water softener?
  • How to fix valve?
  • How to replace a valve industrial water softener?
  • Broken/leaking valve on industrial water softener
  • Aquamatic valve repair for industrial water softener


Pipe Diameter and Circumference
Use this helpful chart to correlate the pipe size, outside diameter, and circumference of a pipe in your industrial water projects.
You will also find the industrial water technical articles and resources helpful, along with the industrial water softeners information.


Water softener flow diagram for industrial water softener repair



Diaphragm RA Repair Kit (rubber)*

Metal RF Repair Kit (brass / stainless steel)*

SO (Spring Assist Open Kits)

*Representative images, actual items may vary in appearance

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