Pre-Engineered High Purity Water Treatment Skids

Industrial Water Solutions offers a line of pre-built, modular high purity water systems designed for ultra high purity water applications. These are ideal pre-engineered high purity water treatment solutions for labs and research facilities. The systems are skid mounted, with piping and wiring tested and ready for use. The systems include reverse osmosis (RO), deionization (DI), and other key components to create your ultra high purity water.

The standard system meets Type II reagent grade water standards. The Industrial Water Solutions engineers can customize systems to meet other water quality specifications as well.

This standard system includes several pre-treatment steps, RO, and storage. This typically includes filtration (activated carbon), water softening, reverse osmosis (RO), and a storage tank.

Post-treatment include re-circulation, deionization (DI – mixed bed), UV sterilization, and filtration.

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