ELGA Ultrapure Lab Water Systems

ELGA Ultrapure systems are known for their quality and reliability. Elga Water PurificationIndustrial Water Solutions sells and supports Elga Ultrapure lab water systems in Indiana, the Midwest and nationally. We strive to add to the unique technical and scientific applications expertise Elga has developed during the last 75 years. Elga Ultrapure never veers from the challenges of single point-of-use purification systems and large projects, and neither does Industrial Water Solutions. We are committed to developing and delivering purified laboratory water, so you can focus on obtaining accurate results for:

  • Research and Testing
  • Healthcare
  • Clinical Diagnostics

Choose from these ELGA products:

If you need replacement lab cartridges, filters or lamps, such as LC141 ELGA deionization lab cartridges, LC174 ELGA Medpure deionization cartridges, LC140 ELGA pretreatment cartridges, LC136M2 ELGA composite vent filter, or the LC105 ELGA ultraviolet lamp, visit The Industrial Water Solutions Store.

All ELGA systems are accredited to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.

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