New! Triple Tank IWS Industrial Water Softeners

Double Pass, IWS Failsafe Patent Pending Industrial Water Softener System for Highest Quality Soft Water

Our new triple tank Zero Hardness failsafe industrial water softener system is the ideal high-performance water softener and the top choice for boiler feed water softeners. It sends water through two water softeners in series while a third tank is in offline mode. This triple tank setup greatly reduces the chance of failure and salt waste, reduces risk and increases your bottom line

A traditional triple tank water softener system differs in that it consists of one online tank and two offline tanks. This mode of operation creates an environment that fosters hardness leakage, increased operating and environmental costs, salt waste and a higher chance of nonperformance with no backup in place.

The Industrial Water Solutions triple tank Zero Hardness failsafe industrial water softener system always has one tank in a softening role and a second tank in a polisher role. This process minimizes damaging hardness to your processes, production, critical equipment, reverse osmosis and boiler by eliminating offline water softener tanks and resulting that result in water quality degradation. The offline tank in this setup alternates in with the other two tanks when they switch roles. This results in the offline tank’s downtime being only a fraction of what it would be in traditional setup. This is the best choice for a boiler feed water softener.

Dual Tank IWS Industrial Water Softeners

Triple Tank IWS Failsafe, High Efficiency Softener Systems Are Ideal for Critical Applications In:

  • Manufacturing Water Softening
  • Universities and Schools Water Softening
  • Pharmaceutical Water Softening
  • Food and Beverage Water Softening
  • Government Buildings Water Softening
  • Dairy Water Softening
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Softening
  • Boiler Feed Water Softening
  • Correctional Facilities Water Softening
  • Hospital Water Softening
  • Oil and Gas Water Softening
  • Medical Building Water Softening
  • Surgery Centers & Healthcare Facilities Water Softening

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