Understanding Water Softening Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Applications

At Industrial Water Solutions we don’t just sell High Purity and Industrial Water Systems and Service, but we are genuinely dedicated to providing and delivering water solutions. This includes our water softener solutions like testing, installing, and rebedding water softener systems. We also offer an easy online store to buy parts easily and efficiently.

Industrial and commercial water softeners ensure water does not get too “hard” and create a buildup of scum and scale. If softener systems are maintained properly they provide a great solution to hard water supply. At Industrial Water Solutions, we offer PMs (preventative maintenance) programs on industrial and commercial water softeners as well as high purity systems, reverse osmosis equipment and systems and filters on a quarterly basis, annual basis or any frequency that meets customers’ needs.

If hard water doesn’t remain in check, it can cause the buildup of scale on the inside of water pipes, reducing heat conductivity, increasing heating costs and having the potential to completely block the pipe passage. Scale, usually consisting of calcium, when reacting with soap in the shower, dishwasher, sink, washing machine and more, reduces its effectiveness and creates scum buildup in these places.

Our line of commercial and industrial water softeners an be used in dairies, schools, factories, laundries, car washes, nursing homes, boiler feed water, food industry plants, municipal water works, apartments and condominiums, motels, hotels, resorts, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, institutional facilities, office complexes, cooling towers, farms, and more! Industrial Water Solutions puts more than 80 years of experience and knowledge into developing our water softening systems, featuring a unique and patented system.

Our water softening systems with a co-current, counter-current and packed bed (upcore) regeneration sequence based off of of principles of ion exchange. During our water softening process, sodium ions replace unwanted calcium, magnesium, and iron while letting sodium components pass through. All of our systems operate on a five part cycle:

  1. Service: This is the softening process that occurs [down-flow]
  2. Backwash: Also known as hydraulic cleaning of the water [up-flow]
  3. Brine inject: This restores the resin to sodium form [down-flow]
  4. Slow rinse: This displaces residual brine [down-flow]
  5. Fast flush: Prepares softening resin for service cycle[down-flow]

Installing an Industrial Water Solutions water softening system will allow for greater efficiency, water capacity, higher flow rates, higher reliability, and lower operating costs. If you have an industrial, high purity or commercial water system that is in need of service or needs replacement, you can call us at 800-820-9021 or email at info@industrialh2osolutions.com.