Regal Sulphonators

REGAL Sulphonators have all the features and benefits of the acclaimed REGAL Gas Chlorinator plus: built with rugged materials designed to resist the effects of sulfur dioxide and provide years of trouble-free service in applications that demand their use.

Safe and Reliable

The direct mount, all vacuum REGAL Gas Sulphonator is among the safest, most reliable ways to be sure your water is bacteria free for applications such as secondary disinfection.

The REGAL Gas Sulphonator mounts directly onto the cylinder, which is a major safety factor. The mounting yoke, built with the heaviest slide bars and tightening bolt in the industry, is an additional safety feature. The built-in handle makes it easier to mount the regulator to the cylinder while reducing the chance of misaligning the sulphonator’s inlet adaptor with the cylinder valve. An innovative, high strength fluoropolymer coating gives the REGAL yoke high resistance to corrosion from either chlorine, sulfur dioxide or ammonia.

The all vacuum system ensures that sulfur dioxide is never under pressure and virtually eliminates problems associated with Pressure Type Manifold Systems.  Every surface that the gas touches from the time it leaves the cylinder until it enters the water, consists of highly advanced, corrosion resistant materials. There are no supply pressure lines, valves, or fittings to break or corrode. Should anything happen to cause a break in any part of the system, air will leak in and the vacuum will be lost. With no vacuum to pull it open, the spring on the inlet safety valve snaps the valve shut, stopping the gas supply immedietly and automatically.

Simplicity is the key to reliability. With only 68 parts – up to 60% fewer than competitive units – the REGAL design is simpler and more efficient. The design is so simple and logical that very little time is needed for learning how to use and service it.

The other key to reliability is corrosion resistance and every one of the REGAL’s 68 parts is made of materials best suited to handle gas form of  CL2,SO 2 or NH3. These feeders are designed for use of gas use only. The liquid form of  these chemicals WILL cause damage to system components. Therefore, if liquid chemical does enter the system, contact the factory immedietly.

Every REGAL is completely hand-assembled by high skilled techinicians who are responsible for each usit passing inspection before it leaves his or her hands. This involves careful visual inspection at every step of the process and bench testing of the completed unit.

The REGAL ejector is another factor in the system’s reliability and economy. The ejector performs three of the system’s most vital functions:

  • It creates the vacuum that pulls the gas from the cylinder
  • It mixes the chlorine, sulfur dioxide, or ammonia with the water.
  • It keeps water from entering the system.

The ejector consists of four components, all of them made of very strong, special plastic, which enables it to withstand a back-pressure rating of 200 psig.  Our nozzle has been designed to produce the highest vacuum at the lowest pressures and water flow rates.

Our single-piece nozzle will never misalign and its operating characteristics will never change. Therefore, we can pre-test every one against an optimum performance curve. A check valve is incorporated into the ejector assembly to prevent water from entering the vacuum tubing when the system is shut-off.


REGAL Gas Sulphonator is the most economical because it lasts longer. As a whole, the system and all its components need very little servicing, and are easy to take apart for cleaning. The components that contributes to the economical nature of the REGAL Gas Sulphonator for applications such as secondary disinfection are:

  • Both High and Low Pressure Check Valves to respond to low and high pressures. Both valves are made of materials higly resistant to chemical attack by both wet and dry sulfur dioxide.
  • Optional Dual Check Valve Ejector Up to 500 PPD that has a dual ball check valve as the primary check valve backed up by a spring loaded 0-ring/poppet check valve.
  • REGAL Filter is a corrosion resistant filter that catches finer particles in sulfur dioxide and saves money because it can be cleaned and reused.
  • Rate Valve with Tapered Opening eliminates valve seats – that are subject to wear and frequent damage- for more accurate settings and longer life.
  • Metallic Inlet Adapter that is corrosion resistant and is made from a special metal alloy that is virtually impervious to attack by dry, wet or even liquid sulfur dioxide under normal circumstances and operating conditions.
  • Super Strong Diaphragm is made from advanced material that is much thicker and stronger than the competition to allow the maintanence of steady flow of gas while the system is still in operation.
  • Corrosion Proof, Heavy Duty Inlet Safety Valve Spring is housed in a capsule that can be easily removed, cleaned and reassembled. The heavy duty spring, one of the most critical parts in any gas sulphonator, carries a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY.

SULPHONATORS: With capacities from 4 to 500 PPD. Principle use is to dechlorinate water, wastewater and industrial process water with sulfur dioxide, in addition to other applications.



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