Hotels and Soft Water

We take for granted that a hotel will have clean, soft towels and sheets. But achieving that level of quality is challenging in most parts of the United States. The reason: hard water.

Hotels require soft water to effectively clean towels, sheet, blankets, and floor rugs. But hard water can make this more difficult because it affects the efficacy of the detergent and can leave a hardness residue. Hotel water softeners can solve this issue while also reducing costs because less water and detergent may be needed. Moreover, hardness residue makes it very difficult to maintain clean showers, showerheads, and sinks. However, determining the correct size of industrial water softener for a hotel can be difficult.

Fortunately, Industrial Water Solutions offers a hotel water softener sizing calculator that will help you save money and optimize water softener costs with the correct softener size. Input your variables such as the number of rooms, peak flow, daily laundry and kitchen usage, and the hardness of the water to determine the gallons of water per regeneration and the amount of water softener to use to obtain the best results for your hotel.