In spite of the recession that has kept hospitality businesses from growing for years, there are now positive signs in the industry. There has been a purging of non-value adding changes, and, if you will, this was the gift of the recession to hoteliers. The business as a whole has had to become leaner, more customer-oriented and smarter, but still more changes are afoot, with growth being anticipated.

In terms of global hotel economics, international hotel stays are beginning to occupy a larger slice of business than domestic ones. Thus, reduced domestic hotel spending is welcomed by hoteliers in the UK and the US.
Also, Asia has become a more popular destination of visitors, with a growth rate four times higher than Europe; but in terms of overall number of visitors, Europe is still expected to remain dominant.

BRIC Nations Are Fast Becoming the Main Provider of Tourists
Brazil, Russia, India and China, the BRIC nations, are beginning to become the most important sources of tourists for the UK and the US. Thus, hoteliers are best advised to tweak their marketing and their facilities to be more welcoming to these nations. The number of Chinese tourists has increased by no less than 40%, and by 2020, more than 200 million Chinese are predicted to travel abroad annually.

Hotel Water Softener Sizing Calculator
Great savings can result from fairly small hotel expenditures; one great tool that one can use to save money and optimize water softener costs is the Hotel Water Softener Sizing Calculator; this is a tool which takes variables such as the number of rooms, peak flow, daily laundry and kitchen usage, and the hardness of the water to determine the gallons of water per regeneration and the amount of water softener to use to obtain the best results for your hotel. You can find the tool here.