Replacement Resin Tank and Supporting Parts

Standard Replacement Tank Assembly*
Tanks 20-30” are supplied with a hand-hole in the top and lower sideshell. Tanks 36” diameter and larger are supplied with a manhole in the top and a hand-hole in the side. All tanks are equipped with non-adjustable steel legs welded to tank. The upper distributor and hub lateral lower distributor system must be ordered seperately. Refer to the chart for available tank types.

* NOTE: The gravel support bed must be ordered separately and installed on-site. Refer to the chart for the required quantity.

CSM™ Model # Tank Size/Valve Size #1-1 Tank Assm. Part No. #1-1 Tank Assm. Part No.
300-3 30×60-3” 1020122 1020130 Order From Store
450-3 30×60-3” 1020122 1020130 Order From Store
600-3 36×60-3” 1020124 1020132 Order From Store
750-3 36×60-3” 1020126 1020132 Order From Store
900-3 42×60-3” 1020126 1020134 Order From Store