Aquamatic Valve Nest & Bruner-matic Commerical and Incustrial Control Centers For Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual Control of Water Treatment Systems

Industrial Water Solutions offers both Aquamatic Valve and Culligan Bruner-matic ControlCenters.  Either of these

complete control centers, including valves, electronic controls, brine eductors and backwash flow controllers make excellent packages to manage your commercial and industrial water softener and dealkalizer regeneration or to backwash filters. These reliable options for control centers install easily and are ready to operate quickly.

Like all Industrial Water Solutions water treatment quality components, both valve systems are designed to provide responsive, accurate flow control for new and retrofitted installations. Compared to other control components, the Industrial Water Solutions Control Centers combine all of the control functions into a single package for lower costs and also enable easy servicing.

Applications include, industrial, municipal and commercial water systems. Standard valve packages are capable of handling water up to 140°F and 120 psi. Or, special components can be used for hotter water and higher pressure applications.

These packages are capable of fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual operation depending on your equipment

Bruner-Matic Control Control System for Commercial Softeners

Bruner-Matic Control Control System for Commercial Softeners

and desired mode of operation. The Industrial Water Solutions Control Centers may be operated automatically using electric time control, a water meter, hardness monitor, or, best of all, teamed up with a Marlo MXII , Culligan MVP or PLC electronic programmable water treatment equipment controller for totally automatic operation.

Consisting of diaphragm valves, a brine injector and an automatic backwash controller, Industrial Water Solutions Control Centers have been installed in thousands of locations worldwide. Each application attests to the unit’s quiet, smooth performance and dependability.

The Industrial Water Solutions Control Centers are available in nine standard sizes to handle applications as single or multiple system operations. Control centers used on single units have an automatic by-pass to provide service water during regeneration. On twin and multiple units, the by-pass is not required.

Individual Components of Industrial Water Solutions Control Centers

Aquamatic Control Valves

Long acknowledged as the reliable standard of the water treatment industry, Aquamatic Control Valves have become the overwhelming choice of engineers, contractors and maintenance personnel throughout the world. They offer outstanding functionality, ease of installation, reliability and serviceability.

Bruner-matic Multiport Control Valve

The Bruner-matic Multiport Control Valve is also a great choice for engineers, contractors and maintenance personnel. They also offer outstanding ease of installation, functionality, reliability and serviceability.

Electronic Programmable Controllers

Industrial Water Solutions offers electronic controllers for all commercial, industrial and municipal water system applications.  From flagship controllers like Marlo’s MXII cotroller or custom engineered PLC controls to the Culligan MVP electronic controller or simple Fleck time clock systems.

Brine Reclamation System

This optional system will reduce your softener operating expenses by up to 50% each year. Because salt cost is the major component of a water softener’s operating expense, reducing your salt use will substantially reduce your system operating cost. Brine reclamation is an electronic controller driven system that combines the latest salt management technologies in a cost-effective package to make your equipment more efficient and environmentally friendly. The brine reclamation system can save salt four different ways through a combination of brine recycling and electronic monitoring to accurately deliver the exact salt dosage for your application and water quality requirements. In most cases, payback for the brine reclamation option is realized in less than 12 months. Brine reclamation is available for all water softener systems.

Flow Controller

Requiring no moving parts for long, reliable service, Industrial Water Solutions’s flow controllers automatically maintain proper backwash and cleansing flows over wide variations in operating pressure. Operation is completely automatic; no adjustments to make, no field settings required. Our controllers are properly sized at the factory, eliminating the possibility of washing out the system’s media during regeneration.

Single/Multiple Tank Operation Progressive Flow Operation

Industrial Water Solutions’s Electronic controllers can operate the network as a single, twin, triple or quad configurations. Twin configurations operate in Parallel or Alternating and provide fully coordinated multiple tank operation. Twin and multiple configurations can also operate in the progressive or additive mode, which adds and removes tank(s) from the process stream as demand for water treatment varies, assuring consistent water quality and minimal pressure loss throughout the system. Our systems also have the capability to communicate to a central control system for data collection and monitoring.

Heavy Duty Valve Nest or Multi-Ported Valve

3 Inch Aquamatic Valve Control Center for Industrial Softeners

3 Inch Aquamatic Valve Control Center for Industrial Softeners

Service and regeneration water flows are directed with six Aquamatic valves or one-piece Culligan Bruner-matic casting containing six cage-type diaphragm valves.

Raw Water By-Pass

Provides continuous flow and pressure during the entire regeneration. This feature can be disabled for multiple tank installations.

Brine injector

Our automatic self-adjusting brine injectors lie in between the brine tank and the valves or sit in the rear of the multi-port valve. Engineered for efficient performance and accessibility of nozzle and throat. Correct brining and rinsing rates are assured regardless of pressure variations in the range of 30 to 100 psi.

Automatic Backwash Flow Controller

The flow controller maintains a proper factory set backwash and cleansing flow rate over a wide variation of operating pressures. No adjustments or setting required.

Standard sizes include 1″, 1 1/4, 1 1/2, 2″, 2 1/2, 3″, 4”, 6”, 8”


  • Rugged, all-steel valve body


  • Control center can withstand operation in the toughest of environments


  • Easily accessible valve parts


  • No special tools required, enabling faster service when necessary

Existing System Compatibility

  • Existing installations can be easily converted to Aquamatic Valve or Culligan Bruner-matic controlled systems. Fully-automatic brine makers, flow meters & turbines, pressure and hardness monitoring equipment and other precision parts are available from Industrial Water Solutions to modernize or automate most all industrial, municipal and commercial water treatment systems.

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