Mobile Ultra-Filtration from Industrial Water Solutions

A flexible solution for for emergency, supplemental, or longterm needs.

Use the Industrial Water Solutions Mobile Ultra-Filtration System to remove TSS, organics, Iron, Manganese, and other contaminants from your water supply, wastewater or ground water. Each Ultra-Filtration System comes fully to ensure optimal operation.


  • Resilient fiber membranes
  • Handles small particles
  • Fully automated
  • Remote monitoring
  • Automated chemical feed systems for de-chlorinating, pre-filtering, scale inhibiting, pH control
  • Continuous monitoring

Use for:

  • Iron, manganese removal from ground-water sources
  • Removal of TSS and organics for reuse of process and waste waters
  • Replacement for clarifiers with no sludge generation
  • Pretreatment for reverse osmosis
  • Tertiary filtration