Electro Deionizer Systems

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Tel: 800-820-9021
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2-22 Gallons Per Minutes

Produce high quality deionized water without the expense of chemicals, labor, and service associated with exchange tanks with our electro deionizer system.

Create Your Own Deionized Water On-Site

  • Install after your reverse osmosis system to polish the water up to 18 meg ohm quality.
  • Continuous process with no downtime.
  • Automatically starts when your RO provides pressure and flow to the EDI system.

Huge Cost Savings vs Deionizer Exchange Tanks

  • No more waiting on DI tanks to be delivered.
  • No service / exchange or monthly rental fee.
  • DI water for pennies per day.

Designed and Built for Reliability

  • Thin cell efficient design with non-scaling technology.
  • No recirculation or brine components to fail.
  • Product water sample port and flow meter indicator gives assurance of proper operation.
  • No rust, aluminum powder coated frame.

Environmentally Friendly

  • No chemicals required.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • No resin disposal.

Ideal for a Variety of Applications

  • Sterile processing of instruments
  • Laboratories requiring Type II water
    • ASTM
    • CLSI
    • CLRW
  • NECO’s

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