How Long Will Industrial Water Softener Resin Last?

It is difficult to predict the service life of resin. The presence of chlorine or chloramines, iron or copper, temperature, regeneration frequency, and exposure to foulants all influence the life of resin. Iron reduces the life by directly fouling the resin as well as by speeding the degradation reactions within the resin.

In general, standard resin can last up to 10 years when softening water with a free chlorine level up to 1.0 ppm. Chlorine levels of about 1 ppm, or higher, will cut the resin life in half, chloramines about half that of free chlorine.

It may be cost effective to dechlorinate the water prior to entering a softener. This can be accomplished by the use of a carbon filter or by the introduction of chemicals such as sodium sulfite or sodium bisulfite. Chemical addition is not very effective in the removal of chloramines. If the free chlorine residual routinely exceeds 1.0 ppm, you may want to consider removal upstream of the softener.

Resin that has been degraded by high chlorine levels will reduce both the softener capacity and the flow rate.

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