Portable Exchange Deionization (PEDI) Tanks: Batch DI Regeneration and Jumbo Options

Do you use or service portable exchange deionization (PEDI) tanks? If so, you should know about packaged batch deionization (DI) regeneration plants and jumbo, portable exchange DI tanks.

Batch DI Regeneration Plants

Packaged batch deionization (DI) regeneration plants are perfect for those in the portable exchange deionization (PEDI) service business or companies that widely use PEDI tanks and do their own centralized regeneration. Industrial Water Solutions offers batch DI regeneration plants that are easy-to-use, pre-engineered systems that allow you to regenerate exhausted mixed-bed resin at your facility.

Industrial Water Solutions’s standard packaged batch DI regeneration plant includes a resin separation vessel to provide for the transfer of the cation resin and the anion resin into different vessels so they are regenerated simultaneously. Then, after regeneration and a rinse to quality, the cation resin and the anion resins are sent to a final vessel. Finally, the two resins are remixed before being placed into the exchange DI tanks and returned to use.

Extra Large Portable Exchange DI (PEDI) Tanks

If you have an oversized need for PEDI (Portable Exchange Deionization Tanks) then you need our jumbo portable exchange DI tanks. Industrial Water Solutions’s oversized PEDI tanks are suitable for large, high-purity water treatment applications with the convenience of an off-site resin regeneration service. Our jumbo portable exchange DI tanks are a great match for many systems including deionization – separate-bed DI, mixed-bed DI – filtration media, and specific ion resins.

Learn more about the proper sizing and specification of packaged batch deionization (DI) regeneration plants and jumbo portable exchange DI tanks by contacting the Industrial Water Solutions team at 800-820-9021 or info@industrialh2osolutions.com.