The Industrial Water Solutions blog is a reliable resource for environmentally-friendly commercial and industrial water system solutions.

Our competitively priced industrial water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, and related water treatment equipment and service save money for our customers by reducing energy and water consumption.

Industrial Water Solutions has the expertise to solve the most complex problems with your industrial water softener, reverse osmosis system, filtration system, or deionizer. We devise sometimes intricate solutions, and know the difference between an industrial water system that needs replacing and one that might just need the right repair.

We can handle everything from industrial water treatment design to recommending sanitation equipment to delivering the part you need on time.  We are comfortable and familiar with heating and air conditioning issues and questions.

Our engineering knowledge is matched only by the length of our working relationships with leading commercial and industrial water treatment manufacturers. Our customers experience truly unparalleled service, quick service, and fast parts delivery. 

We service everything we sell, as well as all major brands of commercial and industrial water treatment equipment.  The same Industrial Water Solutions sales team helping you select a filter or deionizer solution will be working with you on any support issues.  We have served over 2000 customers throughout the U.S. and Latin America, many in the Midwest and our home state of Indiana, and look forward to expanding our customer base.