Regal Smartvalve

The new REGAL Series 7000 SMARTVALVES are designed to automatically control the feed rate of chlorine, sulfur dioxide or ammonia gas. Each specific model is designed and configured to operate in one (or more) of the following control schemes:

  • FLOW PROPORTIONAL Models 7001, 7006, 7009 and 7010
  • RESIDUAL ONLY Models 7009 and 7010
  • COMPOUND LOOP Models 7009 and 7010
  • FEED FORWARD DE- CHLORINATION Models 7009 and 7010
  • STEP RATE Models 7002 and 7007

Highly advanced, state-of-the-art electronics place the Series 7000 SMARTVALVES ahead of the competition in performance, while keeping the basic operation very user-friendly.

Standard features include:

  • An isolated and powered 4-20 mA output signal provides remote indication of gas feed rate.
  • An easy to read two-line, twenty-character display (PLED) screen.
  • A unique “linearization” program to assure that the digital display reading (PPD, g/hr, kg/hr) matches the reading indicated on the gas feed system’s metering tube. Depending on the accuracy required, the user has the choice of a 2, 5, 6, 11 or 15 point linearization curve.
  • Three 10 Amp relays are provided for remote (alarm) indication of high and/or low water flow rates, gas feed rates and/or residual levels.
  • Step Rate Control is capable of accepting any combination of up to four non-powered contact closures to signal which and how many pumps (fixed speed) are in active use.
  • Can be operated in the field in four ways: fully automatic, electric/manual and two means of full manual.
  • OPTIONAL Serial Communications output with a choice of three interface standards (RS232, RS422 or RS485).

Theory of Operation


As previously mentioned, all REGAL SMARTVALVES are designed to automatically regulate the gas feed rate that is necessary to maintain the desired chemical residual. Regardless of which control scheme the SMARTVALVE is configured for, the main factors to determine this regulation are both the volume and quality of the water that is being treated. Analog output (4-20 milliamp) is transmitted to the SMARTVALVE from a water flow meter and/or a residual analyzer to signal the valve when and how much adjustment is required to maintain the proper residual.



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