Regal Dual Cylinder Scale

The REGAL Dual Cylinder Scale is two separate scales in one unit, with double adjustable cross-arms with chains, and provides a convenient means to measure the amount of chlorine remaining in a cylinder. Description: The REGAL Model SC401 dual cylinder scale independently weighs the contents of two compressed gas cylinders simultaneously. The 1-1/2″ high PVC base is constructed with solid supports to provide added strength. The base houses two 12″ diameter cylinder weighing platforms and supports a column with an adjustable cross-arm with chains for securing the gas cylinders. The cross-arm is adjustable up or down to accommodate different sized cylinders. Two independent dial mechanisms are housed at the head of the column with adjusting knobs used to cancel out tare weight for each cylinder. Read-out dials then show net contents remaining for each cylinder within 1% of full scale accuracy. Features – Accuracy of ±1% full scale – Surpasses industry standards for two-cylinder scales – UPS shippable … Shipping weight under 65 lbs. – Easy on-site assembly and installation – Factory calibrated – Adjustable cross-arm with chains to secure cylinders – 1 1/2″ high PVC base and weighing discs eliminates corrosion caused by sweating cylinders – Easy to read 5-scale length with 150 graduations allows for 1/2 lb. readability – Ships via UPS.

Design and Construction

The REGAL Model SC401 dual cylinder scale is an improved design
consisting of a rein- forced 1-1 /2- high PVC base with two weighing
platforms, each operating independently. The base also supports an
adjustable steel crossbar with chains which secure the gas cylinders in
an upright position. At the top of the column is the scale head
containing two independent read-out dials and tare adjustment
mechanisms. The two 12- diameter weighing platforms are independently
supported by a system of mechanisms which transmits each load to its
respective weighing system and read-out dial on the scale head. Tare
weight is compensated for with two adjustment knobs connected to the
weighing system with spring mechanisms, allowing direct read-out of
contents of each weighing platform.



Engineering Specs

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