Gas Leak Detector

The new REGAL Chlorine or Sulfur Dioxide Gas Detectors are available in single or dual sensor versions and is designed for use wherever chlorine or sulfur dioxide is stored, distributed, or where potential leakage would pose a risk for personnel and property.

Standard Features

  • Properly installed, calibrated, and maintained, the REGAL Gas Leak Detector senses the presence of free chlorine or sulfur dioxide in the environment- at levels below those mandated by OSHA – throughout the working life of the sensor.Accurately begins scanning the active sensors while displaying and transmitting correct data in one minute.
  • 3-digit display and 12 LED bar graph shows the chlorine and/or sulfur dioxide gas concentration.Bargraph LED’s representing the highest detected gas level stay lit until manually reset even as the gas concentration decreases.Separate LED’s indicate which gas (chlorine and/or sulfur dioxide) is currently being presented on the display and bargraph.
  • Six relay circuits are included (2 Warning, 2 Danger, 1 Horn/Failure and 1 Latch). All relays except the horn/failure relay can be configured for normal or failsafe operation. All external alarms connected to the Horn/Failure relay can be silenced (turned off) using the SILENCE keypad buttonExternal alarms connected to the ‘latch’ relay circuit will not activate until the latch time (adjustable between 0 and 240 seconds) is reached.Warning, Horn/Failure, and Latch relays are SPDT. Danger relays are DPDT.
  • Audible and relay ‘warning’ alarm at I PPM for chlorine and at 2 PPM for sulfur dioxide and ‘danger ‘alarm at 3 PPM for chlorine and at 5 PPM for sulfur dioxide.
  • Internal Horn and Horn/Failure relay can be “on” continuously or “pulse” during and an alarm event.
  • Single or dual, un-powered 4-20 mA analog output circuit board.
  • Maintenance free sensor. No need to flush, purge or recalibrate the sensor after an exposure to chlorine and/or sulfur dioxide gas.
  • When checking sensor worthiness, the user can easily disable all alarm circuits for a timed 15 minutes interval using the keypad. The relays are then automatically reasserted.
  • Includes a program to simplify calibrating the detector using the keypad. User can also reset original factory calibration values if a mistake is made, by pressing one keypad button.
  • When the optional battery back-up is used, and during a power outage, all displays are turned off to conserve battery power. Pressing any keypad button turns on the displays for one sensor scan cycle then turns them off again.
  • A relay circuit test can easily be performed which sequentially activates and deactivates the six relays.

Available Options

  • Battery back-up power to keep the unit active during power outages. The battery has the capacity to operate the unit for up to one day
  • Serial Communications Output Circuit Board. User has a choice of two interface standards (RS232 or RS485) and a choice of OPTO-22 or MODBUS protocol. Can also transmit in a continuous send mode of gas concentration for data logging.



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