At Industrial Water Solutions, our primary focus is on providing the best range of industrial water and high purity water treatment equipment and services to our clients who work in a number of industrial, hospital, municipal and commercial water environments. In line with this goal, we offer line of industrial grade, FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) water softening systems. The MRG Series industrial water softener system is special in that it offers FRP tanks with industrial grade valves and controls instead of top mounted, commercial valves used in equipment from Fleck, Culligan, and Clack.

Industrial water softener control and valve systems offer greater redundancy and features that top mount valves cannot. Examples include regeneration during electronic controller failure, regeneration in absence of power, external communications and control, short progressive flow timing and repair and preventative maintenance of valves while the industrial water softener is in service.

MRG industrial water softeners offer numerous benefits to save you time and money as well. These benefits include high service flow rates and factory skid mounting. These industrial water softener systems arrive pre-piped, pre-wired, and pre-tested for convenience and quality.

Standard features for the MRG industrial water softening systems include a corrosion-resistant composite FRP resin tank, aquamatic diaphragm style control valves, polyethylene brine tank, a regeneration cycle that can be initiated by volume and/or time, and your choice of PLC or electronic controller. These water softener systems are also factory Hydro-tested at 100 psig to ensure quality. Optional features for these water softener systems include ASME rated resin tanks, brine pump systems, CPVC exterior piping, an online water hardness monitor, salt recycling systems, air operated butterfly control valves, and more. Designs are available for single, twin, triple and quad tank water softener configurations.

For a list of ‘MRG’ Series water softener specifications, please see the chart below. Click on the chart to see it in a larger size.

For more information about the industrial water softening systems and industrial and high purity water services offered by Industrial Water Solutions, please call 800-820-9021.