Our free Industrial Water Softener Sizing Calculators can be used to get an estimate of just how large of an industrial water softener you would need for all commercial and industrial applications. Like our boiler calculator, these tools are easy to use and quickly give you the results you need. Simply plug in average flow rate per day, peak flow rate, and some other variables and you will see instant results.  Need a quote for you commercial or industrial water equipment, just call us at 800-820-9021 or send us an email on the equipment you just sized.

Not only that, we also have specific water softener sizing calculators that can be used by certain institutions. We know that buildings with high water consumption may have different water needs, so we also have a special hotel water softener calculator and hospital water softener calculator. In addition to the normal criteria, other variables such as the amount of water used in kitchens or for laundry are included in these calculators as well. With these tools you can get a more accurate estimate of which water solutions best fit your industrial water needs.

At Industrial Water Solutions, we have two top priorities. First of all, we’re committed to bringing you the best industrial water products at affordable prices. And secondly, we make sure that our email and phone-based customer service is always top notch. These cost savings calculators are representative of both of these important goals. Keep checking this page for more about these easy-to-use tools and other Industrial Water Solutions resources that can help you choose the most efficient industrial water system and services.