Hypochlorite Products

Industrial Water Solutions and MIOX Corporation offer both hypochlorite and mixed-oxidant generation equipment. On-site generation of hypochlorite is achieved through the same mixed-oxidant generation process of electrolyzing salt and water. In fact, MIOX Corporation’s hypochlorite generation equipment is very similar to its mixed-oxidant equipment, utilizing the same cabinets and/or mounting systems, and sharing many other features in common. The differences between the two product lines are in the cell design and operating parameters.

The Vault™

The Vault

MIOX Hypochlorite System: The Vault

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FAC Capacity: 25-100 lbs/day (11.3 – 45.4 kg/day)
The revolutionary new self-cleaning VAULT™ on-site generator is the first of its kind. Designed for high efficiency, low lifecycle cost, durability and reliability, the VAULT is virtually maintenance free. With improved flow control, an air-cooled power supply, corrosion-resistant cabinet and a new touch screen display, the VAULT offers unprecedented functionality and easy interface. The VAULT features an easy-to-upgrade cell to convert between sodium hypochlorite and advanced mixed oxidant with expandable capacity for the ultimate flexibility. Available wall- or skid-mounted. Multiple VAULTs can be used simultaneously in parallel for unlimited capacity. Non-self-cleaning model available.

RIO™ H Series

H Series

MIOX Hypochlorite System: H Series

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FAC Capacity: 100 to 500 lbs/day (45 to 227 kg/day) *capacities are available up to 600 ppd

The mid-size hypochlorite models are fully enclosed in corrosion-resistant HDPE cabinets, protecting both the operator and the equipment. Modularity means that the system can be easily expanded within the same footprint by adding more cells in the same cabinet (up to 5 cells per cabinet). The unit operates with Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1200 controls. Variable speed brine pumps require no calibration. In addition, the relatively small cell volume requires minimal acid to remove calcium carbonate build-up.

 RIO Grande™

RIO Grande

MIOX Hypochlorite System: RIO Grande

FAC Capacity: >1,550 lbs/day (>700kg/day)

The RIO Grande on-site generator offers large capacity treatment of water, wastewater, and industrial treatment applications for flows of 50 MGD (200,000m3) and higher. Superior cell design offers better salt and power efficiencies, reduced maintenance, and maximum flexibility. The electrolytic cell, power supply, and system controls are fully enclosed in a metal frame and the unit operates with Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1200 controls. Switching from a hypochlorite generator to a mixed oxidant generator is easy by simply changing out the cells, offering the user the ability to optimize water chemistry at a minimal cost.