How Hard Water Affects Business

The presence of hard water scaling is very costly and is a potentially dangerous issue for commercial and industrial water heaters, boilers, heat exchangers, humidifiers, dishwashers and laundries.

There is an easy solution: commercial or industrial water softeners.  For some applications, it makes sense to also use commercial or industrial reverse osmosis (RO) systems or deionization systems to reduce the total dissolved solids (TDS). Several free industrial water softener sizing guides and calculators can be found here for general applications or for hotels and hospitals specifically.

These systems eliminate scale caused when calcium builds up from the water.  When hard water is heated, it has a much higher tendency to to scale up the pipes or boiler tubes. This not only shortens the life of all plumbing systems and fixtures, but it also provides a medium for the growth of bacteria, and other harmful germs and microorganisms within the water system of the company. Further protection from harmful germs can added with the addition of a MIOX secondary disinfection system.

How Hard Water Affects Business


With a minimal amount of planning and investment, the negative aspects of scaling and potential harmful bacteria growth can be avoided for decades and not be an issue to contend with at all. A water system clear of scale prolongs the life of all water related equipment and fixtures.

Other significant savings are achieved by operating a company with softened water, which include: Water Conservation, Decreased Energy Costs, Maintenance Savings, and Reduced Liability.