How Can We Reduce Chloride Discharge from Industrial Water Softeners?

Chloride effluent levels are an important focal point for many organizations because of state and EPA legislation or requirements associated with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). If you utilize an industrial water softener, your organization may be under pressure to reduce your chloride discharge levels.

This puts many companies in a difficult situation: How can you reduce chloride discharge levels while still producing very high-quality soft water that is needed to protect your process equipment, and boilers and meet critical process requirements?

Fortunately, Industrial Water Solutions’s highest-quality softeners can do both. Our industrial water softeners are able to provide you with superior-quality soft water while also reducing your chloride discharge levels and salt usage by up to 40%. This is a win-win-win for your water quality, the environment, and your operating costs because your salt and water expenses will also decrease.

How do our industrial water softeners provide this quality, environmental friendliness, and efficiency? Our water softener systems do this by dosing less salt (and chlorides) during regenerations but keeping two or three industrial water softener tanks online all the time, passing through one softener, then the second or even third to keep water quality high.

Most large industrial and commercial water softeners are regenerated with 15 pounds of salt per cubic foot of resin. Our water softener systems utilize a lower brining rate that can reduce salt consumption by more than 40% while reducing hardness leakage and water consumption. This in effect, reduces chlorides to the drain and helps to keep you compliant with chloride discharge limits.

Learn more about our softener that is suitable for most critical applications including boiler feeds, pharmaceutical production, and high-quality manufacturing processes that require very low hardness water.

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