Fix or Repair Your Industrial Bruner and Culligan CSM Water Softeners

How do you fix or repair a Bruner valve in your water softener or brine ejector? Are you being told that you need to replace the entire system or make major upgrades? That might not be required. This is why you should contact Industrial Water Solutions to consider your options for fixing, repairing or retrofitting your industrial water softener.

The Bruner valve has been a constant in the industrial water softening and water filter industry for decades. Bruner was acquired by Culligan in the late 90s and the Bruner valve is still in production – and so are all the parts for two- and three-inch Bruner systems. We stock all parts necessary to repair Bruner valves and brine ejectors. We also sell new 2″ and 3″ Bruner valves.

Industrial Water Solutions has been repairing and selling these systems since the late 1960s. We continue to repair and sell Bruner electronic controllers and PLCs that have been retrofitted to work with Bruner valves.

Though Bruner has not been a standalone brand (now Culligan CSM) for over 20 years, there are still many water softeners running on Bruner valves all over the world. All softener technology will eventually have issues; Bruner valves are no different. The frustrating issue with Bruner systems is more and more service companies are suggesting complete system replacements, or major face-piping changes, for what could be simple repair issues. Some clients can make these costly changes. Upgrading your water systems is a good idea if you have the capital, but unfortunately, that is not always the case and certainly often not necessary.

What if you have a need for soft water on your Bruner / Culligan CSM system but you do not have the capital for a major project? At the end of the day, there are situations in which major repairs are necessary. However too often Bruner valve owners are told that systems need to be replaced simply because they are getting old or Bruner systems are not made or repaired anymore. This is simply not true. There are three main questions that will resolve most issues that people run into with Bruner systems if you wish to fix or repair your Bruner system rather than completely replace it.

    1. Is the Bruner controller, solenoid, and stager communicating properly?
      • The communication and controller setup on a Bruner system is very similar to any other diaphragm water softener system. In each stage of the process (Service, Standby, Backwash, Brine Draw, Fast Rinse) water is sent through the stager, and depending on the stage, is then directed to valves to apply pressure close diaphragm valves to operate the system. The valves on most systems are normally open so when there is no pressure sent to the valve, it will open from system pressure.
    1. Are the Bruner diaphragms holding pressure properly?
      • When water pressure is applied to the diaphragm it closes that valve. Due to time and corrosion, issues can occur with this working correctly. If there are issues with the seat, like a build-up of scale, it will cause the valve to not seat properly, creating leakage. Also, if the diaphragm is damaged, the valve won’t close properly. Bruner diaphragm replacement is a common service issue and should be done every few years over the life of the equipment. A Industrial Water Solutions technician can change out all five Bruner / Culligan CSM valves in a little over an hour.
  1. Is the Bruner / Culligan CSM softener system getting a good and timely brine draw in regeneration?
    • Brine draw is the most critical part of the regeneration process. During this process, brine is drawn into the system. Through ion exchange, the brine removes the calcium and magnesium from the resin and recharges it with sodium for the next cycle. This is a critical process that needs a high concentration of brine added to the system in a timely fashion. If for some reason the system is taking too long to draw brine, or not drawing brine at all, this will cause hard water, even though mechanically it would seem that everything is working. Brine draw issues can come from a few sources. You could have issues with the Bruner valve itself, the foot valve, a clogged or damaged brine injector, or there could be an issue with the salt in the brine tank. Any of these issues can cause major issues with water systems.

All these issues are fixable on Bruner / Culligan CSM water softeners. In a lot of cases, these repairs can be done the same day, within a few hours. Industrial Water Solutions has five decades of experience installing and servicing Bruner valves on water systems. Our main goal is to get the equipment you currently have up and running. If you are having issues with your Bruner water softener, call us at 800-820-9021. We can repair your system, sell you a whole new Bruner valve or a whole new water softener system if that is what is needed.