Ion Exchange ResinsWith Earth Day around the corner, now is the perfect time to reflect on water conservation efforts and research. According to a recent study conducted by Shahzeen Attari, assistant professor at Indiana University Bloomington’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs, while many people are aware of common water-saving measures, they don’t know which ones are most effective. For example, most people know that they can save water by taking shorter showers. However, the greatest volume of daily water use actually comes from flushing toilets, according to Professor Attari. Therefore, installing a higher efficiency toilet model could have a bigger impact on water conservation.

The study also noted that few people realize just how much water goes into the production of our everyday food and beverage staples. It goes far beyond how much water is added to each coffee pot – it’s about the amount of water necessary to grow the coffee beans in the first place.

This gap in education is the perfect opportunity to teach people how they can save more water and other resources by understanding how much are really necessary in the first place. It’s hard to improve upon something without seeing areas that need improvement beforehand. For this reason, Industrial Water Solutions is doing our part by offering helpful Water and Energy Saving Calculations for Boilers on our website that help reduce the amount of energy, water and salt used in industrial boiler systems. We let customers know where waste is occurring, and how much product is actually needed to run an efficient system.

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