Boilers and High Energy Costs: Quality RO, Dealkalizers, & Water Softeners Can Save Money

Energy costs have increased dramatically recently for several reasons, but are likely here to stay. These higher energy costs reinforce an important point: If you operate a boiler, the ROI for reverse osmosis, dealkalization, and industrial water softener are impressive. This is especially true when energy prices are high because the addition of high quality water treatment components quickly pay out in operational savings.

Why is boiler operation ROI tied to the addition of industrial-quality RO, water dealkalizers, and boiler feed water softeners? Because boiler operating costs are highly related to the quality of the feed water. The better the boiler feed water, the lower the operating costs. Energy is a major component of those operating costs, which is why the boiler operation return on investment gets even better with high fuel prices. Water quality directly affects the amount of blowdown. High quality water can yield up to 100 cycles in a boiler.

There are several boiler feed water treatment components that can help to maximize boiler feed water quality and minimize energy costs in industries such as oil & gas as well as power production, including:

To maximize your savings, upgrade to the highest quality boiler feed water softener along with industrial RO and industrial DI options that are appropriate for your process.

How much can you save in your boiler operating costs? As one example, simply adding a dealkalizer can reduce boiler costs significantly. Use our free industrial dealkalizer boiler energy savings guide to estimate how water, chemicals, and energy can be saved by adding an industrial dealkalizer system to your water treatment process between your standard industrial water softener and a low to medium pressure boiler.

You can also compare different modes of water treatment all in one place by comparing reverse osmosis, water dealkalizers and split stream dealkalizer systems here.

We can help you estimate your full cost savings and design a configuration that makes sense for your system – just contact our team at Industrial Water Solutions and let us know your current parameters.